6. Fast Finishers

Congratulations you have completed the 5 tasks. 
Here are some other web tools and tasks that might interest you. 
Firstly let's review some of the ones you have already done.

Glogster - Did you add video or audio to the poster you made? Did you change the background of the wall? Can you work out how to do it?

Quizlet - Did you play the games that are created automatically when you create a set? Can you emebed those games into your blog? Did you create a class? Can you work out how to do it?

Done that?

Okay so here are two more sites. 

About  forbetterenglish.com

ForBetterEnglish.com is a collocations dictionary. Type in a word and it will give you a list of words it collacates with. It allows students to find out for themselves which preposition goes with which word for example. 

Your task: 

Revisit the words you looked at with Quizlet. Find out what they collocate with.
How to do it:

2. Enter the words in the box, click on "search". 
3Note the results and then repeat.

About bubbl.us

bubbl.us is a mind mapping site that allows you to make and save mind maps. Once the map is created you can hide the arms of the mind map or display them, meaning it is good for vocavulary revision. 

Your task: 

Revisit the words you looked at with forbetterenlish.com. Create a mind map using the words from the book and what they collocate with. 

How to do it:

1. Go to bubbl.us

2. Create an account in the boxes on the right hand side. 

3. Click "start brainstorming".

4. Click on the yellow box and enter a word.

5. Click on the yellow box again and press ctrl + ent (cmd + ent on a Mac) on your keyboard to get a linked box - enter the collocation.

6. Go back to your first yellow box, click on it. Press the tab button on your keyboard. This creates and new yellow box. Enter your second word. 

7. When you are happy click on "save". In the right hand column you should now have the saved sheet. Click on the arrow next to the word "sharing", choose "HTML embed code". Copy the code. 

8. Go to you blog and create a new post. Click the HTML button. Paste the link. Click on  "publish". View your blog.

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