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About Quizlet

There are a wealth of vocabulary tools on the Read-Write web, and one of the best has to be Quizlet. A nice way to think of Quizlet is as your very own online vocabulary notebook. Quizlet allows us, and/or our learners, to create flashcards and play study games, which can aid memorization, like this.

Your task:

Create a set of flashcards to help your learners revise the 12 lexical items presented in the coursebook material below. (Taken from Project 3rd Edition Level 2 Tom Hutchinson OUP .)  

How to do it: 

1. Go to www.quizlet.com

2. Create a free account by clicking on "Sign Up" in the top right corner. 

3. Once you have an account, Log In and click on "create set". 

4. Give your flashcards a name. 

5. Choose whether you want word/picture flashcards - if you want pictures, tick "add images." 

6. Decide which language you would like your flashcards in (e.g. Eng/Eng or Cz/Eng). 

7. Add the words you wish to revise, to the column on the left. 

8. In the column on the right, either add a definition, or a picture (search images to choose a picture). 

9. When you're ready, click on "Create Set". 

10. Click on "Link or embed" (top left corner). Copy the code for Flashcards (the code you want is in the third row).

11. Go to your blog. Create a new post, make sure you click the HTML button .Paste the link. click on  "publish". View your blog. 

(Remember, when embedding into your blog, make sure you click on the HTML button in the tool bar. If you don't press the HTML button before pasting the code, all you will see is code when you press Publish, and not flashcards).

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