1. Welcome to YouTube

This is Culture lesson from Project 3rd Edition Level 2(Tom Hutchinson OUP) 

Your task:

Find  a video about James Bond, Charile Chaplin, Hitchcock or Wallace and Gromit on YouTube and embed it into your blog. 

How to do it: 

1. Go to www.youtube.com

2. Search for 'James Bond' or 'Wallace and Gromit etc. Find a video you like and you think you could use in class or set for homework.

3. Click on "share". You'll find it under the video.

4. Click on "embed" and copy the embed code.

5. Go to your blog and create a new post.

HTML Button 
6. Click on the HTML button. Paste the code. 

7. Comment underneath your video on how you could use the video in class or for homework.

8. Click on "publish". 

(Remember, when embedding into your blog, make sure you click on the HTML button in the tool bar. If you don't press the HTML button before pasting the code, all you will see is code when you press Publish, and not the video).

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