3. Welcome to Glogster

About Glogster

Gloster is an online poster making tool. It allows you to make posters and share them with others. There are two versions of Glogster. We are going to use the Edu version which has been made for teachers to use with their students.

Your task:

Create a poster about your favourite animal - doing this project from Project 3rd Edition Level 2 (Tom Hutchinson OUP)

How to do it: 

1. Go to edu.glogster.com 

2. Create a free account by clicking on the grey "start now" button.

3. Once you have an account, Log In and click on "create your first glog"; it will prompt you to choose a template, the first one is the most simple.

4. To add text, click on "tools", choose "text", choose the style of textbox you want to use, either double click or click "use". This will insert the text box in the glog. Close the tools box and double click on the text box; you can now edit the text.

5To insert pictures reopen the tool box, click on  "image". To access an image from your own PC click the upload arrow (top left), or you can find pictures on google. Click "google" and search for the images you want. When you are happy with the picture click "use". Close the tool box and double click on the image;  you can now resize or rotate the picture using the on screen tools. 

6. Once you are happy with your poster click on "save" to  save it and then give it a name. It will then prompt you for a privacy type - choose "finished" -  this makes it private.

7. Choose to view the glog. Under the glog is the button "embed into own page". Click on that and choose blog size and click "copy".

8. Go to your blog. Create a new post, make sure you click the HTML button .Paste the link. click on  "publish". View your blog.  

(Remember, when embedding into your blog, make sure you click on the HTML button in the tool bar. If you don't press the HTML button before pasting the code, all you will see is code when you press Publish, and not the glog).

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